We specialise in the design & production of bereavement guides for funeral homes both in the UK and the US. Our guides are fully branded to your funeral home, using your logo and corporate colours. We also include information on your business, with editorial pictures of your business and staff. The guides are in full colour and are all succinctly arranged to give your customers all the information they need within one stunning guide.

With the saturation of online advertising and the decreasing effectiveness of ATL (above the line) channels such as press, TV and radio, the use of brochures as a marketing tool can be very effective, and can make a valuable addition to any successful campaign. Brochures provide a range of powerful and unique benefits, that cannot be found when using other media. Since bereavement guides are a tangible product, we understand that the touch and feel experience also plays an important role. With our years of experience in printed bereavement guides all over the world, we suggest the kind of paper to be used for printing and also any special effects like varnishing or embossing to be done to make the brochure even more attractive.

So if you are thinking of getting your own bereavement guide or want to give a facelift to your existing brochure, the team at Ascendo Media will be happy to help.